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ILICA Celebrates New York City Fire Department’s Columbia Association’s 78th Anniversary Scholarship Dinner

Vincenzo Marra, Salvatore Cassano, Michele Siracusano, Susy Marra

Vincenzo Marra, Salvatore Cassano, Michele Siracusano, Susy Marra


The Columbia Association was established in 1934 by Fire Captain John Capillo of Engine 28 because of his concern about the serious losses of life from recent fires in tenement houses, and especially among Italian occupants. He formed a group of fire department members of Italian extraction who could understand and speak the Italian language. This group of men under the instruction of Captain Capillo adopted a set of simple rules, which would instruct these new immigrants on what to do in case of a fire, which in turn could save their lives.

Read more: New York City Fire Commissioner, Salvatore Cassano

The Italian Language Inter-Cultural Alliance Readies for its 8th Annual ILICA C’E*

Meredith Barsky with Susy MarraSAVE the DATE - October 25th 2012


ILICA’s staff met this week with Pier Sixty’s new Manager of Catering, Meredith Barsky to discuss details for their annual Gala Dinner and Cultural Event.

This year’s Gala celebration will take place on October 26th, 2012 at Pier Sixty One’s landmark property, The Lighthouse.  Featuring spectacular water views of the Hudson River and downtown Manhattan all the way to the Statue of Liberty, the Lighthouse is always a wonderful venue for celebrating another successful year of ILICA initiatives.

Official ILICA CE* Invitations will be mailed out in September.

The Conference to be held on October 25th, celebrating contemporary authors from both Italy and the United States, will discuss and define Italians today (location to be decided).

This event is free and open to the public!

Please visit our web-site for continual updating of the event as well as Gala and Conference times and locations at www.ilicait.org

*Cultural Event

AETNA FORWARDING Has a New Address & a New Look

Michele Siracusano valley streamMichele Siracusano, Vice President and Co-founder of ILICA, is moving his very successful freight forwarding business to a new prestigious location in Valley Stream, Long Island. This newly acquired property, which hopes to open its doors by September, is currently undergoing a major overhaul to create a state-of-the-art warehouse. Not only does AETNA store and ship personal property and products for businesses, it also specializes in handling major artwork which it prepares for shipment to galleries and museums around the world. A separate area has been created in this new facility, with a specialized climate and humidity control system where these works of art will be catalogued and stored much like precious books in a library. An UL rated Class II security system is also being installed to provide the most up to date protection available in today’s market.

Read more: AETNA FORWARDING Has a New Address & a New Look…


The FAI… Italy’s National Trust

Journalist and author, Corrado Augias recently interviewed Vice President of the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) Marco Magnifico on his weekly Raitre television program, Le Storie Diario Italiano. Once again Italy’s ability to adequately protect and restore its artistic and cultural patrimony has come under fire.

The FAI founded in 1975 and modeled on England’s famous National Trust, was an idea conceived by Elena Croce, daughter of the great philosopher Benedetto Croce with the purpose of promoting a culture of respect for nature, art and the story of Italian traditions, which are patrimony of Italy’s identity. The National Trust of England which was founded well over one hundred years ago was created not only to save places of historic interest and natural beauty, but also to open them up to the public. The FAI follows the same example as a charitable foundation depending on volunteers as well as monetary donations from ordinary citizens, private industry and institutions in order to make their mission possible.

Read more: The FAI… Italy’s National Trust

Tony Miele Attends Legislative Reception in Albany

Dr. Antonio Miele, ILICA’s current Secretary and Co-Founder, recently attended the New York State Veterinary Medical Society’s Legislative Reception at the University Club in Albany, New York. Miele, CEO of Veterinary Asset Mgmt Inc. from 1999 until the present, is an active member in many prestigious veterinary medical groups including the American Veterinary Medical Law Association, Animal Behavior Professionals, Veterinarian & Pet Businesses, as well as being recently nominated to the AVMA (American Veterinarian Medical Association) Task Force which will address the difficulties of certification and accreditation for foreign veterinary graduates who wish to work in the USA.

Assemblyman Michael Cusick, Assembly District 63, Tony Miele DVM (New York City), Assemblyman Matthew Titone, Assembly District 61

Assemblyman Michael Cusick, Assembly District 63, Tony Miele DVM (New York City), Assemblyman Matthew Titone, Assembly District 61


Tony, as he is known to his friends, is a graduate of Naples University Federico II and continues to maintain close ties with his second home in Italy. In 2005 he founded the Ardeatina Animal Hospital, a 24hr facility which fuses both Italian and American culture in its implementation of medicine, technology and management.

Read more: Tony Miele Attends Legislative Reception in Albany

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