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We are proud to inform you about the new link from a division of RAI-Intl Relations  www.comunitaitalofona.org

Loredana Cornero, General Secretary of the new project, informed us that "Why Speaking Italian is Advantageous?", a ILICA interview, has been selected to be the cover of  their web site. Please check the new initiative of  COPEAM by clicking on their link. If you wish to read the article in English, please click on www.ilica.it  then click on the "last" and go to "Multimedia Uncategorized". Thank you.

Siamo orgogliosi e grati a Loredana Cornero, Segretaria Generale del nuovo progetto COPEAM della RAI-Relazioni Internazionali, per aver selezionato un'intervista di ILICA per la copertina del nuovo sito della comunita' italofona internazionale www.comunitaitalofona.org L'intervista si riferisce a "Perche' ti da un plusvalore parlare Italiano?" che e' poi la filosofia di tutti coloro che hanno fino ad oggi contribuito a fare di ILICA la Fondazione che conosciamo. Grazie ai Vostri contributi e ai sacrifici del Consiglio di Amministrazione, incassiamo questo gradito riconoscimento.

Inoltre, considerata l'importanza avuta nel nostro sviluppo dall'Universita' per Stranieri di Siena, salutiamo l'ex Magnifico Rettore, Prof. Massimo Vedovelli, per dare il benvenuto al nuovo Magnifico Rettore, Professoressa Monica Barni.

In bocca al Lupo Professoressa Barni, con la speranza di poter continuare la nostra collaudata collaborazione.


VINCENZO MARRA a nome di coloro che amano e sostengono I.L.I.C.A. 

May 28th - Conference - Reception - Gala Dinner

The "Constructive Dialogue," begun in New York at ILICA CE* 2012, continued with the same renowned panel of speakers at IL Cantico's Conference Center.

    The conference, with over 150 participants, offered the opportunity for each speaker to express their expertise on the subject of the "Italian Identity" crisis, and was followed by an animated question and answer period involving the public.

    A buffet reception hosted in IL Cantico's deliciously scented Herb Garden was prepared by ILICA chef, Andrea Tiberi and his experienced staff.

      A Gala Award's Dinner, in honor of Stefano Maria Zappala', Esq. followed, a tribute to Italian excellence in business and life which was attended by ILICA's Board Members, sponsors, and members of the media including Giancarlo Gojelli. Giancarlo, a long time friend of ILICA since his days with the RAI, is preparing a video for www.ilica.it with his comments on the speakers and the conference.

La Ghigliottina -
The Guillottine

Ci scrive un giovane imprenditore dall’Italia e ci chiede disperato di fornirgli qualche spiegazione sull’ottimismo che ha letto nel nostro ultimo articolo sulla crisi Europea (“E’ colpa loro”). Cominciamo con lo stabilire che l’Italia non potra’ fare la fine della Grecia perche’ ci vorrebbero molti miliardi in piu’ di quei cento investiti dai Cinesi per comprarsi il Pireo. Ammesso che qualcuno voglia ancora comprare qualcosa in Italia. I problemi dell’Italia sono strutturali, tipici di un Paese che, dopo una guerra civile mai dichiarata ovvero riconosciuta, si e’ sviluppato a due velocita’: il Nord e il Sud!

A young business entrepreneur from Italy wrote to me, desperately seeking an explanation for the optimism he read in my last article on the European Crisis (“It’s Their Fault”). Let me start by establishing that Italy cannot meet the same end as Greece because many more billions of Euro would be required than those hundreds invested by China to purchase Piraeus. This is of course, assuming that someone might still want to purchase something in Italy. Italy’s problems are structural in nature; typical of a country that, after an undeclared civil war that was never been recognized, managed to grow at two different speeds: North and South!


Read more: La Ghigliottina - The Guillottine

May 27th - Networking Dinner

    A dinner, hosted on the terrace of the IL Cantico Hotel, provided the perfect environment for a relaxing reunion dinner between the authors and professors freshly arrived from the States and their Italian counterparts, authors Pino Aprile, Lorenzo Del Boca, Giuseppe Noviero, and Dean of the University of Siena for Foreigners, Massimo Vedovelli.

    The event was also attended by the press and media with Marco Polo TV anchorwoman, Giacomina Valenti, who conducted interviews with all of our speakers. Check out www.ilica.it  in 10 days for the video!!

     ILICA also took the opportunity to celebrate the 6th Birthday of Samuele Sacco, son of ILICA's good friend and ITC Manager, Marco Sacco.

How can Italy rise again?

Italy has 3 million people that are unemployed, and has lost 30% of its gross domestic product (prodotto interno lordo PIL) in the past 5 years. The per capita fixed income today has fallen below the 40th position in a ranking of 220 nations, and it continues to drop. More than 40% of young adults under the age of 30 are unemployed while the middle class, the natural stronghold of the economy, is progressively losing its buying power. But let’s stop here for a moment and try to see what has happened. “Every morning in Italy (and not only in Italy) two individuals wake up and get out of bed, one dishonest and one honest, who spend the entire day looking for each other.” For those of us who have traveled widely, we have learned that this adage is correct and translates in every language. What has happened in Italy is similar to what has taken place in Greece: the shrewd ones continue to seek out those with poor judgment, who have nothing left to give. In other words, taxing, duping, and squeezing them is useless since there is absolutely nothing left to take.


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